Chaffinches - Reception 2020 - 2021

Mrs Larbey

Mrs Ducker

Mrs Burrows

Welcome to Reception's class page.

Autumn Term One 

Mrs Burrows and I are so excited for the children to start their school journey with us. This term is all about settling in, making friends and getting to know our environment. In literacy our book focus will be 'The Something'. We hope this topic will spark lots of book talk, creative thinking and engaging activities for the children.

We will also discuss diversity. We will prompt children to discuss their likes/dislikes, look at how our class is different and talk about how people are different and whether that changes the way we think about them. 


We can't wait to meet you!


This term the children will be focusing on matching, sorting and comparing amounts. Comparing size, mass and capacity and creating patterns.  

After this we will focus on the numbers 0 - 5. We will learn one number a week. This allows us to delve deep into each individual number and the various ways it is represented. 


In Reception we have daily phonics sessions. Phonics teaches children letter sounds which then enables them to blend and segment sounds together to help them learn to read and write. This term we will recap Phase One and introduce the children to Phase two.


We use Tapestry to record what the children are learning in school and assess where they are up to. You will also be able to upload photos and videos to Tapesty at home. We love to read all about the exciting things that have happened at home and all the WOW moments you notice. This really helps us to assess your child's progress and plan for their future learning.


Please don't hesitate to contact us at the end of the day or via email if you have any questions. 

Mrs Larbey and Mrs Burrows 

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