Computing and ICT

Here is an overview of our digital infrastructure:

At Cuddington we use a comprehensive computing scheme 'Switched on Computing' to deliver the statutory elements of the Computing curriculum. Each year group has a series of 6 units to cover each year that ensure that the children have a broad and balanced range of skills. Throughout the teaching of ICT, e-safety is taught within the context of the unit of work, bringing to life the unique issues each unit presents. 

We further enrich children's ICT skills by using technology across the curriculm. The outcomes of which are shared via the school blog. Blogging is a huge part of what we do at Cuddington. Our aim is to give the children a real purpose for their learning and by engaging with the wider world and creating a larger audience. 

We use our blogs to show:

  • How we develop children's speaking and listening skills,
  • Imaginative and creative cross-curricular use of technology,
  • How we embed meaningful use of technology from Reception onwards,
  • Our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development (including British values)
  • The high levels of achievement across all subject areas,
  • How we make links with the wider community to contextualise learning,
  • Our children's love for learning.

For further information about the computing curriculum, please contact Mr Caldwell.

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