Overview of focuses: Colour coded to show the progression across all four year groups in content, all four skills, plus highlighted examples of progression in grammar(example shown colours/ adjectives/ adjectival agreement) and cultural learning opportunities (Christmas across all 4 year groups). Grammar and culture are integrated points of learning throughout the four years

Overview of transactional language: Half term by half term bullet point description of coverage of core questions, answers and familiar matters’ language content.

The Sow of work is broken down in to 6 units per year group. If several or all KS2 year groups are at the beginning stages of implementation it can also be used as a “stage of learning” not “age of learning” appropriate programme (e.g. for Y6 beginners , units in Y3 are appropriate).

The SoW divides naturally into LKS2 and UKS2 and there is flexibility and transferability between some of the units to support mixed age settings.

The final term of work in Summer Y6 is intended as simple celebrations and an opportunity to reflect on favourite activities and develop short simple performances with familiar language for other year groups.

Although not statutory, we do teach French in Key Stage One fortnightly. The children are taught key nouns, basic greetings and learn French songs. 

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