Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Our curriculum intent for Philosophy For Children

At Cuddington Primary School every child has the right to their own opinion. Through our Philosophy for Children teaching we promote our pupils’ awareness that each opinion is valued and should be respected, even if it differs from others. It enables us to deliver the Equality Act in a child friendly manner and our pupils are exposed to the rich diversity of life in Britain and the wider world.

The key aims at the heart of our Philosophy for Children curriculum are to develop:

Confident communicators

Respect for others


Philosophy for Children gives pupils the opportunity to speak and be heard without fear of making a mistake. Children learn to work collaboratively, responding to and building on other people’s ideas and they also become caring thinkers – listening to and valuing differing opinions. They develop critical thinking skills - asking relevant questions and reasoning and this in turn leads to creative thinking whereby the children are able to make connections across the curriculum.

Philosophy for Children creates an enquiring classroom, promoting independent learning, questioning and reasoning. improved social skills and impacting across all areas of the curriculum.

Children will leave Cuddington Primary School fully aware of the diverse nature of this country and the wider world.


For further information on our Philosophy for Children curriculum please contact Mrs Hall.

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