The Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Intent for the Early Years Foundation Stage

At Cuddington, our Early Years setting puts children’s wellbeing at the heart of its curriculum. When children start school, we ensure that they feel safe, happy and are able to build positive attachments with staff and peers. 
Our curriculum is designed around our children and their interests, considering local culture and family diversity. We aim to develop children’s independence, resilience and ambitions through carefully planned activities and a challenging environment. 
Our environment is purposely planned where children are taught to be respectful and that their efforts are valued. It is engaging, stimulating and promotes curiosity. Open ended resources are carefully selected encouraging deep engagement and high levels of concentration. 
Our expectations are ambitious for all children in our setting and with carefully planned support children are able to achieve their goals and be proud of themselves. We encourage children to persevere when challenges occur and to do their best. 


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