Barn Owls are Coders!

Date: 18th Dec 2019 @ 3:34pm

Over the last few days, Barn Owls have been learning to use the coding language 'Scratch.' The children have been using Scratch to create multi-sprite animation. To correctly program each sprite, a new coding skill was developed with some sprites combining many different lines of code. 

The core code blocks the children used were:

  • 'Go to'
  • 'Glide to'
  • 'Hide/show'
  • 'Switch costume'
  • 'Forever'

Below is each pair's animation (not viewable on Apple devices): 

Callum and Edison

Maisie and Mason

Indie and Noah

Jack and Merryn

Jess and Paul

Reuben and Grace

Sebastian and Miley

Tom and Lacey

Kian and Stanley

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