What do we aspire for our children?

At Cuddington we approach discipline through research informed practice in order to equip children with a relationships road map for the future. We are focused on providing a range of behaviour management strategies and classroom support to enable staff, parents and children to work together.  We aspire to promote a mindset that not only supports successful school years, but builds a set of values that carry on into the wider world, creating our citizens of the future.


Our key school value of respect underpins everything we do and is mutually intrinsic in all relationships. Through the teaching of values, children will be exposed to key vocabulary that will equip them to articulate the importance of positive relationships.



It is fundamental that all stake holders take responsibility for their actions. Staff (and parents) take responsibility for building positive, safe and supportive relationships with the children through a consistent approach. The children are supported to see that for most children their actions are a choice and they must take responsibility for the choices they make.


In line with growth mindset principles* we do not view mistakes as a negative where mistakes are used to inform future learning. In behaviour support we therefore value the Paul Dix* approach to restorative conversations and practices.  We believe in empowering our children to reflect and learn from situations and to make informed choices in the future that optimise their success and build self-confidence.

Our children are at the heart of everything we do. We value our relationships with the children and their relationships with others above all else.  Our behaviour approach is intrinsically linked with our approach to well being and our desire to create in each and every child a moral compass.  

Academic progress is important and behaviour can be a barrier to this when clear structures and expectations are not in place. Poor behaviour can threaten the health and well being of the individual, their wider peers and the staff. Our behaviour approach is shaped around the majority of learners who arrive every day keen to learn.  We focus on developing pride within the individual rather than the attainment of prizes.  This will equip the children to become valuable members of our community and wider society where they can be proud of their conduct and civil awareness.

At Cuddington we do not believe in ‘behaviour problems’ but some children however do need  direction.  It is key to our approach that through curriculum links and our behaviour strategies that we build emotional resilience and empower the children to take responsibility for their actions or support their underlying anxieties.  We hold open the door to learning and through mutual respect walk the road to knowledge together.

*Informed Practice Reference Links

Carol Dwek - Growth Mindset

Nurture Approach ( 

Paul Dix - When the adult changes

Teaching WalkThrus - Tom Sherrington & Oliver Caviglioli



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