Chaffinches Reception 2022 - 2023

Mrs Larbey

Mrs Ducker

Welcome to Reception!


We hope you have had a wonderful Summer and are ready to start your new school adventure! 


Starting school is such an exciting time, yet it can also be a little daunting with so many changes so please let us reasure you that your beautiful children are in good hands, and will be cared for and nutured. No question is silly so please ask us! Hopefully after reading our class page it will give you some information about what we have in store for the first half term- only 7 weeks! Over the Summer we have been preparing our environment and planning lots of lovely activities, please take a look at the EYFS page for a sneaky peak at our classrooms. They look a bit different!


Autumn 1

Our Topic is Traditional Tales


For the first couple of weeks we will have lots of settling in time so the children get to know their environment and routines are established. After this time our new topic will start which is Traditional Tales. Our first story to explore will be the Little Red Hen and then we will delve into many different tales. The children will learn the stories by using Talk For Writing which is an engaging teaching framework developed by Pie Corbett. It is powerful because it is based on the principles of how children learn. It enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally, before reading and analysing it, and then writing their own version.



Phonics is the system we use to teach children to read and we do this using Oxford Owl. It teaches children the link between letters and the sounds they represent. Your child will be taught the most straightforward letters, and the sounds they make. For example, they will be taught that the letter ‘m’ represents an mmm sound and the letters ‘oa’ represent an oh sound. They will learn how sounds can be put together (blend) to make words. For example, they will learn that the sounds of the letters ‘m-a-t’ blend together to make the word ‘mat’. Your child will then learn more sounds and will start blending them too. For the first couple of weeks we will go on lots of sound walks and focus on phase 1 and 2.

****Please note our Early Reading meeting is coming soon**** 

More details will come shortly!



download (5).jpg

Maths is everywhere in our environment! So for the first couple of weeks the children will do lots of exploring and investigating of numbers, patterns and shapes. Our children will learn first that there are counting principles and that when counting, the numbers have to be said in a certain order. They will also learn that the number name assigned to the final object in a group is the total number of objects in that group. We teach this by taking 1 number a week and fully exploring that number in every form. Our lessons are exciting and engaging!


Working Together

You know your child better than anyone, which is why at Cuddington we work on developing positive relationships with parents. We invite parents into school each morning on a Wednesday and Friday until 9.15am to play with their child and explore our environment. We also use an app called Tapestry so that parents can see what their child has been engaging in and learning about in school. 


Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have or email. Mrs Larbey will teach the children Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Mrs Ducker Thursday and Friday. Mrs Jennings is with our children everyday. 


Mrs Ducker

Assistant SENCo & Reception Teacher


Mrs Larbey

P.E Lead & Reception Teacher










































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