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At Cuddington it is the responsibility of our school to develop and prepare children for the wider world and the ever changing challenges that they will encounter. Cuddington’s commitment to personal development has led to the development of planned provision which intertwines PSHE, Relationship and Health Education, SMSC and British Values.  We are guided by the principles of Philosophy for Children in question led enquiry lessons and a scaffolding of the key skill of open debate.  It is our intent to develop children that are confident communicators, that show tolerance and respect and to prepare them for the next step in their life journey.



At Cuddington it is our firm belief that the success of our hidden curriculum underpins our academic success.  After dedicating time to developing a culture of respect, pupil and staff well being and raising the profile of mental health,  we have launched an explicit personal development curriculum bespoke to Cuddington's values.  The curriculum aims to intertwine established programmes and guidance. It is our aim to further resource and adapt this over a two year plan.

Our delivery of the No Outsiders programme establishes clear links to our behaviour approach and school values.  In addition the access to discussion through high quality texts mirrors our approach to English.  The summer term is dedicated to raising an awareness of diversity as a whole school theme.

The principles of Philosophy for Children gives pupils the opportunity to speak and be heard without fear of making a mistake. Children learn to work collaboratively, responding to and building on other people’s ideas and they also become caring thinkers – listening to and valuing differing opinions. They develop critical thinking skills - asking relevant questions and reasoning and this in turn leads to creative thinking whereby the children are able to make connections across the curriculum.

In the delivery of the DfE Relationship and Sex Education and Health Education there is a designed development of skills within first aid and mental health strategies. 

A planned approach to creating links between our personal development curriculum and academic subjects ensures that all subject staff are also active in the promotion of personal development opportunities within their subjects.


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Anti Bullying Week: November 2022



We have thoroughly enjoyed Anti-Bullying Week - in our opinion, one of the most important weeks in the school calendar!!


Children across school have engaged in a plethora of activities: a time to design unique socks and reaching arms; reflections and workshops around bullying scenarios; role play and hot seating to explore positive responses; activities encompassing positive reach out strategies to find help and support; the release of our new school Anti-Bullying help video; the launch of our student voice, 'School Council' and even a chance to show off our wonderful ways of being kind.  


Anti-Bullying: Reach Out



As our week concludes, our celebration assembly was such a fitting way of uniting our school community on such an important topic as we continue to fulfil our school vision of 'Respect, Collaborate and Aspire.'


''Share similarities, Celebrate Differences!'' - Simon Peck














For further information on our Personal Development curriculum please contact Mrs Potter.

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