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At Cuddington, we aim to develop and nurture the whole child, enabling them to flourish and be ready for life-long learning. It is the responsibility of our school to develop and prepare children for the wider world and the everchanging challenges that they will encounter. We provide a rich, inspiring and inclusive curriculum for all pupils to grow emotionally, physically and academically. Cuddington’s commitment to personal development has led to the development of planned provision which intertwines PSHE, Relationship and Health Education, SMSC and British Values.  We are guided by the principles of Philosophy for Children in question led enquiry lessons and a scaffolding of the key skill of open debate.  It is our intent to develop children that are confident communicators, that show tolerance and respect and to prepare them for the next step in their life journey. These ambitions are maintained for all adults and pupils within the school community: we respect, aspire, and collaborate.


At Cuddington, it is our firm belief that the success of our hidden curriculum underpins our academic success. After dedicating time to developing a culture of respect, pupil and staff well-being and raising the profile of mental health, we have launched an explicit personal development curriculum bespoke to Cuddington’s values. Our bespoke curriculum enables our children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. Our curriculum aims to intertwine established programmes and guidance, is progressive and sequential in taught skills where our teachers supplement lessons where needed using SCARF resources (Coram Life Education).

At Cuddington, we are proud to promote the teaching of No Outsiders where we establish clear links to our behaviour approach and school values. Our No Outsiders lessons launch our half unit of personal development lessons with a two week focus on a key text. Direct teaching of the No Outsiders programme and the ethos of the school reinforce equality of opportunity: this supports children in fostering respect for all people regardless of faith, race, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation. Our children learn about rights and responsibilities and they appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society.

No Outsiders: Our Strength - The Teacherist

We provide children with the knowledge and tools needed to take care of their own mental health and wellbeing. In the delivery of the DfE Relationship and Sex Education and Health Education there is a designed development of skills within first aid and mental health strategies. As part of our new programme, Coram Life Education, we welcome trained educators to deliver fun, engaging and memorable PSHE Education workshops to our children. Here they meet Harold the giraffe puppet (Healthy Harold) and friends and through practical experiences, they explore the all important choices and behaviours that help keep their mind happy and healthy.


Coram Family Circle


As a school, we are exceptionally proud of the systems and strategies we have in place to promote personal development.

Our children are exposed to the Fundamental British Values (FBV) and they appreciate how these support their role as young members of modern society. Opportunities to explore Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development are woven throughout the wider curriculum and children are encouraged to ask the big questions, probing their own and their peers’ understanding. The RE curriculum enables children to explore these questions further and compounds their empathy and understanding of other cultures.

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Take a look at our Spring learning in Personal Development:

EYFS and KS1: Spring 2023-2024

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KS2: Spring 2023-2024

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The principles of Philosophy for Children gives pupils the opportunity to speak and be heard without fear of making a mistake. Children learn to work collaboratively, responding to and building on other people’s ideas and they also become caring thinkers – listening to and valuing differing opinions. They develop critical thinking skills - asking relevant questions and reasoning and this in turn leads to creative thinking whereby the children are able to make connections across the curriculum.

A planned approach to creating links between our personal development curriculum and academic subjects ensures that all subject staff are also active in the promotion of personal development opportunities within their subjects.


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At Cuddington Primary School, we are blessed with wide, spacious woodland grounds. Our hidden curriculum aims to support our children’s wellbeing by providing positive outdoor experiences in a safe, natural environment. This is achieved through combining activities aimed at developing children’s skills and knowledge alongside child-led ventures.

Our Cuddington school community is well supported by our Create Learning Trust Family Support Worker, with robust support systems in place - this includes class worry boxes, classroom 'check ins', bespoke support packages for vulnerable children and accessible pastoral staff for all, who are present at the school doors every morning. 

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Please take some time to read and explore the documents below that provide some further information on our Personal Development Curriculum offer here are Cuddington Primary School. 


For further information on our Personal Development curriculum please contact Mrs Mills or Mrs Williams on the email addresses below :



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