Intent - What Do We Aspire For Our Children?

Our Curriculum Intent for Computing

At Cuddington, through our comprehensive computing curriculum, we are equipping children with the knowledge to become computational and creative thinkers who can confidently use information technology to create and improve digital programs and systems. Our cross-curricular approach encompasses six core strands that are taught from Reception to Year 6:
-    Programming 
-    Computational thinking 
-    Creativity 
-    Computer networks 
-    Communication/collaboration 
-    Productivity
Through the teaching of these core strands children will be exposed to key vocabulary that will enable them to clearly explain their understanding of computing. Children will also develop a detailed knowledge and understanding of e-safety through practical experiences. Studying these core stands will ensure children will leave Cuddington digitally literate, with an understanding of the principles of computer science whilst being able to confidently use information technology. 


Our Whole School Computing Road Map

Implementation - How Will We Deliver the Curriculum?

From Year 1 through to Year 6 children are taught computing in relation to one of the six core strands. In each unit of work, the teacher explicitly models the skills children need in order to complete the given task. Children are then provided with the means and opportunity to practise and refine these skills. By the end of each unit children will have learnt and developed the necessary skills showing a clear understanding of how these are used. Key vocabulary will be shared with the children and they will be expected to use and understand vocabulary relating to their unit of work. As children move through Key Stage 2 skills and knowledge gained in the younger years will be practised, consolidated and built upon. To gain a clear understanding of how our curriculum is progressive see the document titled ‘Computing Skills and Knowledge Progression’ below.


For further information about the computing curriculum, please contact Miss Knight.

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