At Cuddington, English is at the heart of everything we do and skills in speaking, reading and writing are taught across the whole curriculum. This approach enhances and enriches the children’s learning of English skills, making them relevant and meaningful. Our Curriculum recognises the current thinking on the National Curriculum as well as harnessing aspects of other creative and innovative approaches, in order to provide a broad, balanced and interesting curriculum, which provides for and challenges all children.


We do not follow a particular reading scheme but expose our children to a variety of texts at the age appropriate level. We have invested in 'Bug Club' which is an online reading facility - ensuring our children can read good quality texts online whilst answering comprehension questions about the text they are reading. We promote a love for reading by carefully selected a literacy spine, providing each year group with high quality texts. Each classroom having a vibrant book corner with a range of text types and genres. 



Our English lessons are carefully planned to ensure our lessons are imaginative, progressive and meeting the needs of our pupils. We use a text – based curriculum to enthuse children in reading high quality texts and subsequently creating a range of engaging writing opportunities.

Using a text based approach allows the children to become immersed in their learning with a range of opportunities for reading and writing. This allows deeper learning, enjoyment and excellent writing outcomes.

All classes are given opportunities to write across the curriculum, ensuring they have a purpose for writing and develop skills to write both fiction and non - fiction texts.



At Cuddington Primary School, we follow 'Letters and Sounds' to deliver and ensure children learn the skills to decode words effectively. The teaching of Phonics starts in the Autumn Term of Reception until the Autumn Term of Year 3. Phonics is taught daily with the expectation that children use their learned decoding skills when reading and writing.

In Year 2 to Year 6, children follow the 'Babcock' Spelling programme which ensures the regular teaching of spelling in short bursts of 10 minutes, 3 - 4 times weekly. Letters and Sounds and the Babcock scheme overlap in Year 2 allowing the class teachers to ensure children are getting the correct spelling teaching they need to facilitate a smooth transition into Key Stage 2.

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