Barn Owls Banish Broken Biscuits

Date: 2nd Jan 2022 @ 3:33pm


Barn Owls DT project for the autumn term was centred around shell structures.  Our title was 'Banish broken Biscuits' and our aim was to produce a small Christmas gift box in which to transport home a Christmas biscuit for a friend or family member.

We began by evaluating commercial packaging.  We looked carefully at how the packaging could be deconstructed to the original net for the structure and evaluated each packet against it's ability to protect, present, preserve and contain the contents.


We then went on to make 3D structures using 2D nets. We highlighted where we fold and cut and experimented with making windows.

BO nets1.jpegBOnet4.jpegBOnet2.jpeg

We then looked at strengthening our boxes using a range of techniques learning about laminating, corrugating and ribbing (as shown on our twitter feed).  We had to think about the fact the box would be transported home and we wanted the biscuit to arrive in one piece!  Taking all we had learned so far we then designed our box using labelled drawings.  We thought about who our gift  was for in our design and the tools and materials we would need.

BOdesign1.jpegBOdesign2.jpegBO Design3.jpeg

Next step was the making....we discovered that designing and making were very different and we had to adapt our ideas as we went.  Here are some of our finished boxes ready for delivery.


Our final stage was to go back to our plans and evaluate how we had done.  We asked lots of questions and know that with our experience how we would adapt our plans next time for an even better build!

BO eval1.jpegBOeval 2.jpegBOeval3.jpeg



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