Big Bang Science

Date: 2nd Jul 2019 @ 11:01pm

What better way to start the trip to Big Bang Science North West than onboard the helicopter used in the film Mission impossible?

The children put their knowledge of electricity to the test by creating potato clocks and musical carrots !

Testing the properties of slime was a firm favourite.

Exactly how far will slime stretch before it breaks?

The children had the opportunity to experience first hand  the importance of science, technology and coding in everyday life.

Investigating green screen technolgy and producing a mini version of Match of the Day complete with camera man and a sound desk demanded complete concentration.




Three trainee journalists had the opportunity to present the ITV news. 


The Karting challenge was definitely the favourite task. The children stripped down and rebuilt a basic kart in

3 minutes and 19 seconds. They held pole position on the leader board for most of the morning. 

Great team work, Team Cuddington.


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