Blackbirds Love PE

Date: 15th Feb 2019 @ 12:47pm

Blackbirds have just completed their first dance unit for PE. It has been based all around the story of 'Penguin Small'. The children absolutely loved the story and the visual stimulas it offers.

First Blackbirds explored whole body actions to create linked shapes and balances. The unit introduced the idea of a penguin huddle, and the children had to become young penguins getting ready to meet. We looked at what the word 'huddle' meant and what sort of movements might a penguin perform once in that group.

We then started to explore levels, unison and canon within choreography. The children had to create a duet based on the relationship between the penguin and the snowman, including the three skills. 

To finish our wonderful dance unit the children watched a clip from 'Happy Feet' where Mumble dances to 'Boogie Wonderful'. The children loved this!

From this we talked about the actions they had seen in the short clip i.e footwork, shuffles, taps, slides and turns. We also reflected on the mood of the dance and the music.

We then created a whole class dance which was our interpretation of the music and how it made us feel.

Please watch our wonderful routine!! 







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