Blitz artwork

Date: 11th Jan 2020 @ 9:38am

During the Autumn term, children in puffins class learnt about the battle of Britain during our history lessons. Our key question was 'why was the battle of Britain a significant turning point in WW2?' Towards the end of our unit of work, we looked at the 'Blitz' and created our own Blitz scapes in our art lessons. 


We initially created our backgrounds using acrylic paints, selecting colours that would represent the explosions. 

Then, we looked at images of the Blitz in London and practiced sketching the features that we would like in our final piece and annotated why we liked these. 

Following we drew the buildings on top of our backgrounds and then used black acrylic paint to colour them in. It was important that the children understood that by leaving doorways and windows in their work that the colours from the background would show through.

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