Macaws are cryptographers!

Date: 30th Apr 2021 @ 6:13pm

Macaws have learnt about codes in Computing. They became cryptographers and had to code and decode Semaphore messages using a key before creating Semaphore flags. We practised sending and receiving messages with our flags. 

Did you know? 
Flag semaphore is a system used to spread information at a distance by using two flags. Information is told by the positions of the flags.

Using the Semaphore key to code my name and decode messages. 


We coded our own message by drawing the Semaphore flags. 


Creating Semaphore flags out of paper and art straws. This requires concentration! 


During the Lockdown, Macaws learnt about other codes like Morse code and Viking Runes. The children used lemon juice to write secret messages for family members using their codes. 


Runes mean secret knowledge or wisdom. 


Can you decode this secret message?




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