Macaws are game developers!

Date: 30th Apr 2021 @ 6:26pm

In Computing, Macaws developed interactive space games in Scratch. First, the children created storyboards to plan the space game they wanted to develop. They inserted a suitable backdrop and character sprites before starting to program their games with codes. Next, we learnt to move the sprites up, down, left and right. There was a main sprite and sprites to chase. When the main sprite touched another sprite, a sound played and the score increased by one point. Before the games could be played, Macaws had to correct the problems (bugs) in their games. 


A storyboard design for a space chase game. 


Adding a backdrop.


Using the storyboard plan to create the chase game in Scratch.


Adding 3 chase sprites.


Creating our own backdrop. 


Adding sound to the codes. 


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