Owls Spanish day

Date: 8th Mar 2019 @ 4:57pm

All three Owls classes chose the country of Spain for our European languages day. Each teacher had an enriching learning experience to share with the children as they moved between classrooms throughout the day. 

Over the day we made paella, drew in the style of Picasso and learnt about Picasso through writing a biography. We also had great fun dancing with some Zumba! 

With Miss Radcliffe, we made a delicious vegetable paella. We used carefully chopping skills to cut ingredients such as peppers, beans, parsley and tomatoes. Along with garlic, rice, onion and paprika everything was mixed together with vegetable stock and we then got to taste our fabulous meal! Some people even went back for seconds (and thirds and fourths!) 

We decided that if we were to make it again we would add some meat such as chicken to the dish!




With Miss Knight, we looked at Picasso's self portraits. We looked at the key features of his unique painting style and copied these features using watercolours to create our own!





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