Sandiway and Cuddington War Memorial

Date: 10th Sep 2020 @ 7:00pm

This term, Toucans are investigating the historical enquiry 'Did WWI or WWII have the biggest impact on our locality?' Week by week, Toucans will be exploring different evidence sources to get closer to a coherent answer. This week, the children needed to address the enquiry 'How can we find out about the people in our locality who died in WWI and WWII?'

To help answer this question, we visited Sandiway and Cuddington war memorial to investigate the impact of the First and Second World Wars. The children used the information available to answer the following questions:

What information does the war memorial give us?

Did WWI or WWII have the biggest impact on our locality?

Why was the memorial sited here?

How do you feel about visiting the war memorial?

Why do you think the community wanted a war memorial to honour the dead?

How reliable do you think this information source is?

The children used the information to discern that WWI appears to have had the largest impact due to the casualties recorded and the ripple effect of this. 

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