Hello Uganda

Date: 19th Dec 2018 @ 12:48pm

Nyakabungo Primary School, which is situated in a remote part of south western Uganda, is very special to the children at Cuddington Primary School. In July they donated toys, pens, pencils and stationary to send to the children at Nyalabungo. They also held a giant cake sale and raised a whopping £190, enough money to sponsor a child's education for a year.

We are very proud to sponsor Mark (centre), who is 8 years old and enjoying his first music lesson.

Being thankful for all that we have was the theme for our Harvest celebrations. Year 4 looked at the similarities and differences betweren life here at Cuddington Primary and life at Nyakabungo Primary.

We have kept in contact with Darlington the Head Teacher by what's app. 

Each term the children contribute to a newsletter called the Harambee Times. We have been sharing things that we do at Cuddington Primary School.

We learned that Nyakabungo Primary School was having a school hall built for them, so we sent photos of our school hall and the children eating their lunch.




The new hall was completed in May. It is the first time all the children at Nyakabungo Primary School can gather together inside a building.

Every chikd at Nyakabungo Primary School is given two eaks a day. Their lunch is very different to ours!

Agandi to all of our friends at Nyakabungo Primaty School.


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