We are artists!

Date: 5th Feb 2019 @ 2:15pm

This half term, Macaws have been learning how to fuse geometry and art in computing. The children have created pieces of geometric art.

Macaws started off by studying the artwork of M.C. Escher and a selection of photos of tessellating patterns made from a single shape.
In pairs, the children create polygons and experimented with filling the shapes in PowerPoint. Triangles and quadrilaterals were a safe bet! Deleting all but one of the shapes, Macaws used copy and paste to fill the page with copies of their shape, ensuring each shape fits exactly against its neighbour.
Next, the children experimented with using alternating colours in a repeating pattern and with different shapes. They used their copy and paste skills further.
The children then changed the existing geometric shapes to create more complicated shapes that will tessellate. They used an online website to generate their tessellated shapes with alternating colours. Using the Snipping Tool, they copied and pasted their creations.

You can view some fantastic artwork below:


Ruby and Casey



Coree and Scarlett



Louie and Austin 



Lily and Bethany



Kieran and Thomas


Kai and Scarlett


Kiaus and Joel


Teddy and Louie


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