We are cryptographers!

Date: 21st May 2019 @ 4:51pm

In computing this term, Macaws have been cryptographers and were tasked with cracking a variety of codes. First, they sent and received messages in semaphore, using their own semaphore flags. 


Making our own Semaphore flags to help us send a message. 


Macaws using their Semaphore flags:


We recorded our messages with the iPads.


Here are some excellent examples!



They also learnt about Morse code and its use. All children tried to encrypt and decrypt letters (using Morse code) on the computers. 


Teddy brought in his own Morse code device and demonstrated how to use it. 


Can you decode the messages Lilly and Bethany are sending? 




Macaws also studied more complicated codes like a Caesar cipher and learnt about the ways computers communicate via binary code. 







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