We are presenters!

Date: 14th Dec 2018 @ 5:16pm

This half term Snowy Owls have been learning how to create simple videos using  Apple's Camera app and iMovie.

To begin with, the children practised using the camera to take still images focusing closely on camera angles and shots. Once the children became confident with this process we moved on to taking short videos. From here, the children created their own storyboards so that they knew exactly what they wanted to capture in each scene. 

The children then worked exceptionally hard in pairs to create scripts. One child was then responsible for the filming process whilst the other presented. The children captured their videos in 4 or 5 seperate scenes which they then edited in iMovie to create a seemless video. 

You can watch some of the amazing videos that were created below: 


Julia and Lillie


Harley and Charlie 


Adelaide and Taylor 


Ashton and Stanley

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