We are programmers!

Date: 14th Feb 2019 @ 4:50pm

During the first half of Spring, Snowy Owls were using Scratch to create their own short animations.

To begin the children watched an animation and disucssed 'what makes a good animation?' From here the children were given a brief: include 2 characters, a simple conversation in french and a background. Below you can see images of their storyboards. Storyboards help to remember the sequence of events. 

Next the children created their own background and characters using Scratch 2.0.This was much tricker than it looked and took a lot of time and patience. 

Finally, the children used 'code' to create an algorithm that allowed their two characters to have a conversation in French. The children even added their own voices to their animations!

Story Boards



Yusuf and Julia


Lexie and Taylor G 

Mia and Amy T


James and Morgan 

Charlie and Ronnie 
Charlie and Ronnie

Caleb and Ashton 

Alex S and Stanley 


Isla and Megan 


Jessica and Amy S


Harley and Miss Knight


Harley and Miss Knight


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