We are TV Chefs!

Date: 20th Jan 2020 @ 5:34pm

During Autumn 2 Sparrows were learning about cooking in design and technology. The children learned lots of different skills included how to use a knife to spread, cut, slice and chop. We also talked about healthy foods and made fruit salads, toast and cereal. 

Our computing topic was 'we are TV chefs,' and in this we used our skills form design and technology to help us. 

To begin, each child designed their own sandwich and created a labelled drawing of this. In groups of four they then had to decide which sandwich they were going to make. 

Before making and filiming their cooking shows the children watched a number of different cooking show clips all in different styles. We also looked at how to use the camera and video recording device on an iPad and thought about different camera angles. The children were then given time in their groups to decide which style they wanted to use and had to choose one person to be the camera operator, two people to be the sandwich makers and one person to narrate. 

These are our finished cooking shows:



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