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Spring term 2023


Our Eco committee have been looking carefully at ways to save energy in school. They have appointed monitors to check that white boards and lights are turned off when not in use.

They ran a competition for the whole school, asking them to design a poster that explains how we can save energy. The competition winners are...







During Mental Health Week we spent lots of time outdoors, connecting with nature. Puffins and Toucans worked as a team to clear and weed the vegetable beds.

Mental health 3.JPG

Tawny owls explored environmental art.

Mental health 2.JPG




We are so lucky to have a wonderful outdoor environment to work in. 

Spring.JPG               Senses.JPG








We have continued to make sure that the school grounds are free from litter. Each class takes turns to litter pick for a week.

Litter picking.JPG



Autumn term 2022


Using more of the produce that we have grown, Year 1 made a pasta sauce to eat at snack time.


Ingredients 2.JPG

tasting 2.JPG




Sparrows class have been harvesting fruit from our apple trees then baking it into delicious apple cakes.Apple picking.JPGApple box.JPG

Apple cutting.JPG

Apple cakes.JPG

Year 5 and 6 have worked hard with Mr Bryan, collecting leaves to keep our playground safe. The leaves will go into our compost heap.

Leaf collecting.jpg

Meet our new Eco team for 2022 -2023



Summer Term 2022

15/07 - Children in the school wore black and white clothing and bought cakes from the cake sale organised by children from Year 6 for WWF.

Cake Sale 1.jpg Cake Sale 3.jpg Cake Sale 2.jpg Cake Sale 4.jpg

08/07 - We did it! Our ECO warriors have worked all year towards regaining our ECO Green flag once again. We are extremely proud of you all!

ECO Schools award.jpg

06/07 - Children in Macaws class helped to clear the weeds from Jack's garden today

IMG_6321.JPG IMG_6322.JPG IMG_6323.JPG

They also performed a thorough litter pick of the playground

IMG_6324.JPG IMG_6325.JPG IMG_6326.JPG IMG_6327.JPG IMG_6328.JPG


01/07 - Oscar from Barn Owls was inspired by the ECO teams community litter pick and so conducted a solo litter pick in the village

Oscar - Barn Owls.png


29/06 - ECO warriors Harriet and Poppy from Tawny Owls have made posters to inform children in the school about the importance of preventing litter and saving our seas 

Hattie and Poppy poster.jpg

28/06 - Macaws' sunflowers are growing tall 

Macaws sunflowers.jpg

27/06 - Chaffinches have been very excited today as the butterflies have emerged. Three so far and two to go

Chaffinches - Butterflies.jpg


24/06 - ECO warriors completed a community litter pick in the village

IMG_6172.jpg IMG_6186.jpg
Communit collage.jpg

23/06 - Chaffinches are experimemnting with weaving techniques and using recycled materials to create their own blue whales 

Blue Whales -recycled.jpg

21/06 - Reception class were very excited to harvest their first strawberry crop! 


18/05 -Macaws and Sparrows have found lots of creatures, potatoes and mint whilst weeding the vegetable beds in preperation for planting later in the summer.

Macaws and Sparrows - weeding.jpg

16/05 - Chaffinches were using solar powered fountains in their water trays and observing how the water went higher when the sun shone brightly and lower when it went behind the clouds

Reception - solar powered fountains.jpg

13/06 - We have started to plant up our own living wall with sweetpeads and different herbs

Living wall.jpg


12/05 - We have been planting our own herbs today in reception class



23/04 - Mr Hutchinson weighed the litter that has been collected at the week that ends 23/04 and we have collected 1736g of litter for the first term. This is a MASSIVE reduction of our litter by 1,196g from the Spring term!

Litter graph.jpg

Spring Term 2022

13/2 - Barn Owls made their own ECO friendly bird feeders and they have been used by the local wildlife

processed-2ab41ea6-8e6d-4d1f-8d64-c1b4d6690808_usqYOVCd.jpeg processed-debb9fd0-3149-40d3-8918-e5cf622c53dc_KovrixsA.jpeg processed-06cbebe2-54c9-46fd-9c9b-c7cea43a0f6a_FGBRJZAE.jpeg

Autumn Term 2021

11/10 - After completing our environmental audit, Sparrows children were inspired to search for any litter around our school grounds

691A44DD-7D7C-4D18-9F6A-521520B1C41C.jpeg FB194561-894E-446C-B1AD-66DF75D6595B.jpeg F6FEEE17-F81B-41B4-97BE-3934FD3DCBA9.jpeg 57D6A577-8257-4A97-991B-82B7810E2F04.jpeg 84339BE6-A0DA-474A-BEB8-E079D54E5A20.jpeg


08/10 - The Eco warriors met for another team meeting today. They looked through our environmental audit, completed by each class, and voted on our next focus area for our green flag application 

IMG_4171.jpg IMG_4172.jpg IMG_4173.jpg IMG_4174.jpg IMG_4175.jpg


01/10 - The children in each of the classes have voted for our new ECO committee members for the year! 


Key Stage One ECO committee 


Key Stage Two ECO committee


29/09 - Puffins children have been working hard to weed out all of the vegetable beds ready for planting later in the year    

IMG_4074.jpg IMG_4075.jpg IMG_4076.jpg IMG_4077.jpg IMG_4078.jpg


15/09 - The sunflowers that the children planted in June have grown tall and strong over the summer holidays! 


Summer Term 2021

13/07 - Children across the school donated cakes and set up their own stall's in KS1, LKS2 and UKS2. A total of £360 was raised to fund education, water and food for two children at Nyakabungo Primary School in Uganda fpr an entire year.

Cake Sale 1.png Cake sale 2.jpg thumbnail_Cake sale 3.jpg

16/06 - Sebastian has been digging and positioning donated plants near our upper key stage two area. He has been tending these from donated watering cans and using the  recyled rain water from our water buts. 

Sebastian - Planting.PNG

15/06 - The children in upper key stage 2 have planted out their sunflowers seeds that they planted almost a month ago. They have started to grow very quickly and are flourishing! 

ECO - Plants growing.PNG

14/06 - Our planting area is starting to come together! Our water buts are in position, our green house is ready and the planting beds have been weeded and planted out! 

ECO - Grounds.PNG

11/06 - Sebastian, Tawny Owls ECO committee member, has been litter picking around our school grounds today

Sebastian - Litter picking.JPG


08/06 - Darcey from Tawny Owls created a poster about the importance of reducing litter in our environment 

Darcey - Poster.PNG


19/05 - Toucan made wildflower seed bombs and planted their sunflowers.

IMG_0745(1).JPG IMG_0752.JPG IMG_0751.JPG



18/05 - Macaws class sowed carrots in the vegetable beds. 

E1qpM_-WYAIjcvR.jpg E1qpM__XoAAUi9K.jpg E1qpNAJXsAQ1hrN.jpg


18/05 - Toucans class have prepared areas for KS1 to plant their sunflowers.




17/05 - Tawny Owls have planted their sunflower seeds on a very wet and soggy day at school

Sunflower seed planting.PNG


12/05 and 13/05

Our ECO committee members met up for the first time since we returned to school to discuss planting, litter and caring for our environment  

Reception and Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
ECO reps - KS1.JPG ECO reps - KS2.JPG

06/05 - Reception have put strawberry plants into the raised bed today. Fingers crossed we will have some delicious strawberries!



Spring Term 2021

26/04 - Reception are ready to start planting up our flowers and vegetables. Weeding has been finished and old daffodils removed ready for Autumn planting. Our potatoes have been earthed up too.



31/03 - Tocans class have been clearing Jack's Garden ready for replanting.



26/03 - In geography, Toucans have been learning about sustainable energy sources.

Exahdk3WUAM740U.jpg Exahds-XMAs7pO9.jpg

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