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Summer Term 2021

11/06 - Sebastian, Tawny Owls ECO committee member, has been litter picking around our school grounds today

Sebastian - Litter picking.JPG


08/06 - Darcey from Tawny Owls created a poster about the importance of reducing litter in our environment 

Darcey - Poster.PNG


19/05 - Toucan made wildflower seed bombs and planted their sunflowers.

IMG_0745(1).JPG IMG_0752.JPG IMG_0751.JPG



18/05 - Macaws class sowed carrots in the vegetable beds. 

E1qpM_-WYAIjcvR.jpg E1qpM__XoAAUi9K.jpg E1qpNAJXsAQ1hrN.jpg


18/05 - Toucans class have prepared areas for KS1 to plant their sunflowers.




17/05 - Tawny Owls have planted their sunflower seeds on a very wet and soggy day at school

Sunflower seed planting.PNG


12/05 and 13/05

Our ECO committee members met up for the first time since we returned to school to discuss planting, litter and caring for our environment  

Reception and Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
ECO reps - KS1.JPG ECO reps - KS2.JPG

06/05 - Reception have put strawberry plants into the raised bed today. Fingers crossed we will have some delicious strawberries!



Spring Term 2021

26/04 - Reception are ready to start planting up our flowers and vegetables. Weeding has been finished and old daffodils removed ready for Autumn planting. Our potatoes have been earthed up too.



31/03 - Tocans class have been clearing Jack's Garden ready for replanting.



26/03 - In geography, Toucans have been learning about sustainable energy sources.

Exahdk3WUAM740U.jpg Exahds-XMAs7pO9.jpg

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