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If you would like to contact the PTA Committee regarding fundraising, volunteering, support, ideas and suggestions or anything else at all please feel free to email us or message us via our facebook page. In addition to this you can also contact the PTA Committee via the school office, or grab one of us in the playground, we're always happy to listen.

Chair’s Report


25th June 2019

Over the last 12 months we have all worked really hard to raise much needed money for our school. We have run some events for the first time this year such as the Photography Mini Shoots organised and run by Lou, the Christmas Fair, and the Village Market.   We’ve also held another quiz night and of course we have run some of our regular events such as Fireworks, two film nights and the recycling collection bags.

I’d especially like to thank Maria and Heather for all of their hard work over the last 12 months as Treasurer and Secretary. We also need to thank Michelle for all of the support she has given to us with hosting our meetings, running the quiz evening and along with Donna keeping our social media up to date.  Thank you to Claire Mellor for organising and selling our preloved uniform and Claire Merton for arranging our clothes recycling collection.  A big thank you for Lou for organising and running the mini shoots that raised so much money.  We also need to thank Steve for organising the bar at gala day.  Thanks to Mrs Mills and Mrs Ward for their attendance and help at our meetings and behind the scenes enrolling staff.

Thank you to everyone who has attended our meetings and helped at our events, without all of the help and support from staff and parents etc we wouldn’t be able to run our events and raise so much money for our school.

Over the last 12 months we have donated money to school towards the Golden Mile track, the Christmas Mr & Mrs Theatre production, musical instruments and educational visits such as the Viking School visit and Science 2U. We also will be paying as in previous years for the Hoodies for our year 6 leavers and for book bags for the new reception children and a donation of £4,000 towards the new school library.

Another great year of fundraising, well done everyone!


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